Species: Kingwood   Dalbergia cearensis

Brazilian Kingwood has alternating layers light violet-brown and deep purplish-black. The stripes are narrow and regular. Mildly fragrant; very hard and heavy. Grain straight and frequently roey. Finishes smoothly and used for furniture, cabinetry, inlay, and turnery.


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Boards of varying lengths are available in the following stores:

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Available Online

MacBeath Lumber Packs contain random-width boards, about 48 inches long, surfaced and straight-lined.
Please contact us if you need longer lengths.

Thickness Board Feet Price Weight Shipping
1" 1 BF $80.39 Order Online 5 lbs Usually ships in 2-3 business days
1" 3 BF $126.69 Order Online 15 lbs Usually ships in 2-3 business days