Species: Yellowheart   Euxylophora paraensis

Heartwood is a bright yellow color, darkening a little on exposure to sunlight and there is little differentiation between heartwood and sapwood, or between spring and summer growth rings. The color is very consistent across the wood. Yellowheart has a fine, uniform, straight grain with a medium and uniform texture. It works easily with hand and power tools. Slight blunting effect on cutters. It nails adequately, glues easily and sands to a high polish. Yellowheart is not an oil wood, so it finishes with relative ease and fine sanding produces a nice sheen. It is somewhat durable and has some natural resistance to decay.


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Boards of varying lengths are available in the following stores:

  • Stockton
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Available Online

MacBeath Lumber Packs contain random-width boards, about 48 inches long, surfaced and straight-lined.
Please contact us if you need longer lengths.

Thickness Board Feet Price Weight Shipping
1" 10 BF $105.75 Order Online 39 lbs Contact us for availability
1" 25 BF $264.37 Order Online 97 lbs Usually ships in 2-3 business days
2" 10 BF $105.75 Order Online 39 lbs Check for availability
2" 25 BF $264.37 Order Online 97 lbs Check for availability