Rustic Wood Variety Pack

Ambrosia Maple (middle)- Much like many forms of figured maple, Ambrosia Maple is technically not a specific species of Maple, but rather a general description of any type of Maple that has been infested by ambrosia beetles. The beetles bore into the tree, and with that brings a unique discoloration of the wood. 

Hickory with Bark in Pocket (below)- The presence of bark in the face of the board gives these Hickory pieces a very unique look. 

 Rustic Birdseye Maple (top)- Not only do these boards have the birdseye figure, they also have lots of mineral streaking as well as small knots.  The elegance of birdseye with all the natural characteristics included.


This rustic variety pack will contain one board of each- all cut to 48".   Surfaced to 13/16" with a straight edge.  Approximately 6" wide. 



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$46.20 Berkeley
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