Ebony, Gaboon (Black)

Species: Ebony, Gaboon (Black)   Diospyrus crassiflora

Gaboon Ebony varies in color from non-uniform to jet black, it is fine in texture and heavy and extremely hard. Used primarily for small musical parts, carvings, inlay and turnery

Ebony, Gaboon (Black)

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Boards of varying lengths are available in the following stores:

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Available Online

MacBeath Lumber Packs contain random-width boards, about 48 inches long, surfaced and straight-lined.
Please contact us if you need longer lengths.

Thickness Board Feet Price Weight Shipping
1" 1 BF $236.04 Order Online 7 lbs Contact us for availability
1" 3 BF $708.12 Order Online 20 lbs Contact us for availability
1" 5 BF $1,180.20 Order Online 34 lbs Contact us for availability