TherMac Lumber - Rich Dark Heat Treated Lumber

Why TherMac Lumber?

It's easy to enjoy the beauty and richness of natural wood - when it's indoors, not out! Unless it's protected, once outdoors and exposed to the elements, most wood begins to warp, twist, cup, mold, rot, and decay.

MacBeath Hardwood solved this borrowing a tactic used by Vikings centuries ago. Thermally modified lumber combines heat and steam to turn wood into a new and improved outdoor construction material.

Nearly any hardwood species can be treated. Once the hardwood material is thermally modified, it becomes weather resistant and is ideal for siding, furniture, outdoor kitchens, railings, decks, wood patios, lawn art, cutting boards, and shower stalls.

Benefits Of TherMac Lumber

TherMac Poplar
  • Thermally modified lumber is used for flooring, siding, fencing & furniture, for both interior and exterior applications to reduce expansion and contraction caused by changing moisture conditions.
  • Thermally modified lumber is a green alternative to both tropical and pressure-treated lumbers.
  • There are zero chemicals used to produce thermally modified lumber only heat and water.
  • The lumber becomes more resistant to bug infestation
  • Today –guitar and violin manufacturers are employing torrefication to enhance the sound quality of new instruments.
  • Thermally modified wood is less susceptible to decay fungi(rot) and is much more dimensionally stable
  • The lumber can be left unfinished.
  • The process of thermal modification results in a rich dark brown color.
  • The color of the lumber, once baked is all the way to the center and can be reinvigorated with sanding.

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TherMac Ash
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Why Use Cutek To Seal Your TherMac Lumber?

  • It has a powerful biocide protection supported in its Copper8 and other components that create a synergetic effect, keeping mold and fungi away from the wood. And by being a synthetic oil living organism don’t like
  • Wood is hygroscopic, looking always to have the same moisture as the environment. At night moisture comes in and expands the wood; during the day the sun turns water into vapor and gets out of the wood, contracting the material in a continuous pumping.
  • This causes swelling, cupping, checking and splitting, compromising the integrity of the wood
  • CUTEK stays mobile for months, getting deep inside the wood and filling every cell where it stays, protecting the wood from inside out.
  • CUTEK is hydrophobic; so, it will repel water next time it wants to get into the wood, controlling moisture long term. We say it alters the hygroscopic nature of the wood. Because of this CUTEK reduces dramatically the swelling, cupping, checking and splitting, keeping the wood integrity longer.
TherMac Ash