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Environmental Mission Statement

MacBeath Hardwood has a very practical interest in maintaining the scientific balance between harvest and sustainability. As a supplier of forest products from all over the world for over 60 years, we feel obligated, both ethically and socially, to ensure that the management of the forest is ever-present in our thoughts and actions. From our suppliers, to our management team, to our vast customer base, we are of one mind with regard to reasonable and prudent harvesting of nature’s resources.

To us, the word “stewardship” embodies in it far more than a casual acknowledgment of harvesting techniques. It is a solemn commitment to maintain the health of the forest so as to demonstrate the tremendous importance that resides in a well managed ecosystem. When properly understood, the connection between the health of the forest and the well being of its local habitat is perfectly invaluable and will forever be intertwined.

In essence, MacBeath Hardwood is fully committed to respecting the balance between the forest and the marketplace.