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With over 400,000 board feet of hardwood lumber at our two Bay Area facilities, 350,000 board feet in Salt Lake City, and an additional three million board feet at our production facility in Edinburgh, Indiana, MacBeath Hardwood offers the widest selection of hardwoods in the United States. This coupled with our in house millwork facilities located in each area provide the quickest turnaround times available.

Our services:

  • Planing and surfacing: Our planing service provides an excellent and uniform flat surface. While much of our stock is pre-milled to nominal thickness, MacBeath can surface plane to any thickness desired.
  • Ripping and Straightline: A straight edge is vital for any woodworking project, and MacBeath- Bay Area is equipped with two straightline rip saws. We can do multiple rips for dimensioned lumber as well.
  • Custom Moulding: Whether it be a baseboard, a crown moulding or a casing, MacBeath Hardwood can duplicate any profile you might be seeking. We have worked with architects and contractors for decades to assist in crafting woodworking masterpieces.

We specialize in long lengths, wide widths, and the thickest hardwood available on the market!

Our Machinery:

Salt Lake City - Stetson Ross MR-14 Ripsaw, Oliver 36" Straitoplane, 12" Horizontal Resaw, SCMI T 130 Shaper, Weinig P22N 5 Head Moulder, Biesse Levia 320 42" Sander, Seco 16" Joiner, Holz-Her Panel Saw, Delta RT-40 Table Saw

Stockton - Northtech 601XL 24" Double Surface Planer, Northtech SLR-18SC, Precision Straightline Ripsaw, Northtech 1100 C-XG 43" Single Head Wide Belt Sander, Holz Her 1203 Panel Saw, Northfield Uni-Point Radial Arm Saw

Edinburgh - 36” Oliver planer with helical cutting head, 24” Newman 282 planer, 24” Mereen-Johnson gang rip saw, 7” 5-head Moulder, 15” Belt Sander

*Note: Any millwork requested using wood or material not purchased at MacBeath is subject to manager approval and may be declined.