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Lumber Sorting, Dry Kilns & Steam Vat

Our 15-acre production facility in Edinburgh has a kiln drying capacity of 350,000 board feet. This allows us to directly control the drying process in house, a critical step in the quality control of fine hardwood lumber. We have two certified NHLA lumber graders on staff that inspect and evaluate every single board before and after the kiln drying process. We also have a 30,000 board foot SII Steam Vat. Steaming is an important step for woods like Walnut and Cherry, where consistent color is at a premium. Custom steaming is another service that we offer at this facility.

In addition to the dry kilns and custom steaming capabilities, our Edinburgh facility is equipped with a HEMCO, an automated lumber handling system that can process both incoming green lumber as well as the re-inspection of lumber after kiln drying. We designed 28 bays that allow us to width sort to our customers' specifications.

Contact our Edinburgh facility to inquire about direct shipments.